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Training (Program): Certificate in College Teaching at Duke, Spring 2012
Training (Observation): Gave and received peer feedback on teaching through Duke's Teaching Triangles, Spring 2012
Guest Lecturer, Microbiology (Bio 103L), April 9, 2012: "Introduction to Microbial Ecology"
TA, Microbiology (Bio 103L), Spring 2012
Training (Course): College Teaching Practicum, Spring 2012
TA, Aquatic Field Ecology (Bio 182), Fall 2011
Training (Course): College Teaching in Biology, Fall 2010
Training (Program): Preparing Future Faculty Fellow, 2008-2009
TA, Organismal Biology (Bio 26L), Spring 2007
Undergraduate TA, Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science (CS 103A), Stanford University, 2002-3
Undergraduate TA, Programming Paradigms (CS 107), Stanford University, 2002-3