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Here are some teaching materials I've created and presented:

1. Slides from a mini-lecture on Ecological Stoichiometry, presented in the College Teaching Practicum course, Spring 2012 (7-minute lecture concludes with a minute paper classroom assessment):

2. Slides and lecture notes for a full guest lecture on Microbial Symbioses that I presented in Dr. Xinnian Dong's course, General Microbiology, Spring 2012 (no active learning this time):

3. Materials for a learner-centered class session on Coral Reefs, designed and presented with Heather Heenehan and Gwen Williams in the College Teaching Practicum course, Spring 2012 (30 minutes total, with mini-lectures punctuated with two group exercises in a jigsaw format):

  • Group exercise 1: Each "Expert Group" is provided one of the following handouts on a specific organism within a simplified, 3-species coral reef:
    • After reading the information sheet, students write about the ecological connections between their organism and the other two on this worksheet:
  • Group exercise 2: After a brief lecture on important human impacts on the ocean environment, the Expert Groups recombine into Impact Groups in which each student is the sole expert on his/her organism. These Impact Groups are each assigned an impact (global warming, ocean acidification, destructive fishing practices, or sediment inputs) and work together to decide how that impact will affect their individual organisms and the simplified reef ecosystem as a whole.
[Students shared these conclusions on the board]